Silly Photos

Occasionally, we get complaints about Impostors. When it looks to us that the complaint is Valid, we normally ask the person accused of being an impostor to take a picture that will prove, leaving no doubt, that the pic in question is really theirs.

Recently, when we requested this of someone we got alot of abuse as a response. Our Chat Monitors were part of this correspondence and one of them, Kalina, decided to show how simple it would’ve been for the accused Impostor to have complied with our request.

Mind you, we deal with around five of these cases a week. probably one in 100 are resolved in favor of the accused. Usually, we get angry eMail telling us why we stink, or why the site stinks.

Kalina Managed to show just how easy it really is. You can see the page she created just for this purpose on her web site!

Thank you Kalina, you rock!