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Last updated: 11/17/2006

We will not be doing anymore shoots for the ModelTS Section of the Site and We are no longer looking for Models. For details, please read the following article:

Changes are Coming – URNA is getting out of the Adult Content Business.

We’re shot pretty far ahead at this point and won’t be scheduling any shoots until Further Notice. If you’re interested in Modeling for us… hold off until you see that I’ve updated this Article. When we’re ready to start shooting again we’ll let people know by announcing it here and this message will go away. Please wait until you see the announcement that we’re shooting again, before sending us any eMail expressing interest.

At URNotAlone/ModelTs we’re always on the lookout for New Models for the ModelTS Adult Content Section of the Site. This is Adult Modeling and the Photoshoots are Adult in nature, so if you’re not interested in Adult Modeling there’s no need to read the rest of this article. Also, the majority of our Photoshoots are done in Boston so keep that in mind as your read this.

We normally schedule shoots a minimum of 1 month in advance, usually 6-8 weeks in advance or longer and the shoots are normally done on Saturdays.

If you send a note saying that you’ll be in Boston next week or in 2 weeks we won’t be able to schedule something on that short a notice. Having said that, we are always looking for Models, especially New Faces, for the following sections of ModelTS:

Featured Models

We normally do 4 Sets of our Featured Model during a Photoshoot. All the Sets are Solo Sets… and in Set Four the Models are expected to “Play with Toys”. In addition to the Pictures, we also take Video during the shoot for use in Video Clips that go up with the Pictures. Our Featured Model Photoshoots can take anywhere from 4 to 6 or more hours, much of this depends on the Model.

We take care of the Lingerie. I take each Girl shopping before the shoot and she gets to choose 4 sets of lingerie. We normally shop at Fredericks of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret and our Models keep the Lingerie after the shoot. Our Models are expected to supply their own makeup, shoes, toys, etc.

For a better idea about what we look for in a Featured Model, check out the Featured Models Section for Profiles of our Past Featured Models and have a look at the end of this article for a Description of the type of Girls I like to shoot for our Featured Model spots.

Two Girl Shoots

Do you like other TGirls? Would you prefer to do a Photo-shoot with another TGirl? This is the type of shoot for you. Our Two Girl Shoots take anywhere from 2 to 3 or more hours, depending on the Girls and how comfortable they are in front of the camera and with each other.

These shoots are Not simulated, they’re real Photoshoots of 2 TGirls having Real Sex. They are shorter in duration than our Featured Model Shoots and also include Video for Video Clips.

It’s really tough for us to coordinate shoots with 2 Girls so we prefer to be approached by 2 Girls who are interested in doing a shoot with each other and who can coordinate amongst themselves when setting up the Photoshoot.

For a better idea of the types of Models we use for our Two Girl Shoots, check out our Two Girl Shoot section of the site.

Guest Models

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the new 2257 Rulings we are no longer putting up Featured Guest Models. Depending on what happens with 2257 in the future, we may start putting up Featured Guest Models again, if so, we’ll announce it here. The Main Reason for this is the Secondary Producer Section of 2257 if you care to read up on it.

What We Look For

What type of Models do we look for? I do all the Photoshoots for our Original, Exclusive Content in the ModelTS Section or URNotAlone. This includes Vicky’s Sets, Featured Models and Two Girl Shoots. I choose our Models based on my personal taste. I like all kinds of TGirls from CD’s and TV’s to Pre-Op Transexuals or Shemales. I normally lean towards the CD/TV end of the spectrum and, more often than not, I shoot Younger Girls in the 18-25 or 30 Age Range, that being said, I have shot Girls over 30 but, it’s the exception, rather than the rule. I prefer lean and thin or toned bodies, I love Girls who are Very Well-Endowed, Functional and who have a Pretty Face. I do like to see a bit of the Boy in the Girl and I tend not to shoot Models with overly Voluptuous Bodies, it just isn’t my personal taste.

If you haven’t had a look at the ModelTS area of the site, at least have a look at the Featured Models and the Two Girl Shoots Main pages. This will give you a good idea of the types of Models we like to Feature. Many of Our Featured Models have Public Galleries that are Viewable by All and which contain a few sample, Non-Adult Pics from their shoots.

We pay our Models well. All Models must be over the age of 18 and must be willing to sign a Model Release Form. You must have a Government Issued Picture ID such as a Drivers License or Passport proving your age. If a shoot is scheduled and you show up without legal ID, the shoot will not take place, period, no exceptions… it doesn’t matter if you just traveled 1000 miles or halfway around the Earth… this is a Legal Requirement. After having read this, if you’re still interested, send an eMail with a few High Quality, Explicit Pics to I look forward to hearing from you:-)