ModelTS Mission Statement

ModelTS Mission Statement – What can Subscribers to Our ModelTS Content Expect?

You can expect to find Models chosen by someone who loves TGirls as much as you do… that would be me… Jon:-) Most of Our Models I know personally and have had many a drink with at my favorite Boston TBar, Jacques Cabaret (listed under Places, United States, Massachusetts). Other Girls I’ve met on the Net, found them attractive and arranged a Photo Shoot. Others have contacted me, sent some pics, got me excited and we’ve set up a shoot.

What do I look for when choosing our Featured Models? I love Well Endowed Girls with a Pretty Face, a Nice Round Butt and Toned Legs… Implants are nice, but definitely not a necessity:-) Personally, my taste tends to lean more towards TV’s, rather than TS’s, but I do shoot both… The key is the models ability to get and stay “aroused” during a shoot. From experience, I’ve found that TV’s tend to do better getting and staying “aroused” during a shoot than TS’s, especially TS’s that have been using hormones for an extended period of time… of course, there are always exceptions… this is a general observation, from my experiences.

We are Comitted to bringing you All Original, All Exclusive, Adult Pictures and Video Clips. Many of Our Featured Models have never done Adult Modeling of any kind before. All Our Featured Models, Our Two Girl Shoots and Vicky’s Pics and Clips are taken by me, personally. We do not purchase our content, we Create it:-)

Specifically, here’s what you can expect with a Subscription to Our ModelTS Content each and every month:

1. Week One… Featured Model… Solo… One or Two Solo Sets (Two Sets is our norm with an Occasional Exception) of our Featured Model consisting of 75-150+ Pics and 1-2 Video Clips in each of the sets… this means you’ll normally get 300 new pics and 4 new Video Clips of Our Featured Model in Her Solo Sets in Week One of Each Month. This update occurs between the 1st and 7th of each month.

2. Week Two… 2 Girl Shoot… A new set from our 2 Girl shoots each month consisting of 100-150+ Pics with 1-2 Video Clips. Our 2 Girls shoots are normally presented in 3 installments, 1 installment each month. Our 2 Girl Shoots feature 2 TGirls having Real Sex with one another. This update occurs between the 8th and 14th of each month.

3. Week Three… Vicky… A new set of Vicky containing between 75-125+ Pics with 1-3 Video Clips. Here you’ll get to see what makes Vicky a Very Special Girl:-) This update occurs between the 15th and 21st of each month.

4. Week Four… Featured Model… with Dominique… This is when the set of Our Featured Model playing with Dominique, Our Shemale Realdoll will go up. This set of Our Featured Model normally consists of 75-150+ Pics and 2-3 Video Clips of Our Featured Model having RealSex with Our Realdoll, Dominique… this means you’ll normally get 150 new pics and 2-3 new Video Clips of Our Featured Model having Fun with Dominique in Week Four of Each Month. This update occurs between the 22nd and 28th of each month.

5. Week Four… Guest Model… Our goal is to present a New Guest Model each Month containing 25-50+ Pics. No guarantees, but this is our goal. When we have a New Guest Model, this update occurs between the 22nd and 28th of each month.

All the Pics and Clips in the ModelTS Adult Content Area can be accessed by going to the ModelTS Section and choosing one of the Sections mentioned above and then choosing one of the Models. In addition, you can access Our ModelTS Content directly from Our Models profiles while browsing the People Section of URNotAlone.

Did I mention, we never delete our Content. All Our Content, since Day One, back in December, 1999, is available within the ModelTS Adult Content. Admittedly, some of the very early shoots are lacking in quality… I’ve learned alot along the way:-)

In addition, with a Subscription to our ModelTS Adult Content, we’ll also include:

1. Access to Our Dynamically Updated URNA Adult Galleries updated by the Girls themselves. These Galleries are constantly being Added and Updated by the Owners of the Adult Galleries.

2. Many of Our Featured Models can be seen having Real Sex with a Realdoll ( You can access this content 3 ways:
a. From Our Models Profiles
b. From Tanya’s (Our Female Realdoll, retired) Profile at:
c. From Dominique’s (Our Custom Shemale Realdoll) Profile at:

If you like TGirls as much as I do, if your taste is at all similar to mine, if you’re tired of seeing the same Models over and over again on every TGirl Site you go to, you’ll be very happy as a Subscriber to our ModelTS Content.

A word about our Video Clips. Our Clips are in MPEG-1 Format which should be viewable by anyone, using any platform. They are very high quality video, but they are not designed to stream from the site, they are about 9-10 MB per minute and most Video Clips are 2 minutes in length. The best way to view them is to (MSIE instructions) Right Click on them and choose Save Target As… to save them to your local disk and play them from there. This gives you the added advantage of having them readily available for your viewing pleasure:-)

If we change the way we’ll be presenting our content we’ll update this article to keep you informed…. feel free to bookmark this article.

Last Updated: 10/15/2004