Stupid Spammers

About 22 of you were contacted by Laura Murphy, a self-proclaimed “Transgendered Travel Agent”. Sadly, she’s spammed our members before but we always catch her.

She’s offering great “deals” on attending Dressed to Thrill 7 in Las Vegas this May, but don’t get sucked in. Her “deals” are lining her pockets and will cost you twice as much as making the arrangements yourself.

Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t want you to go to Dressed to Thrill. By all means, everyone who can make it should attend. We just want you to save money and have fun in the process. Ms Murphy lists prices in excess of one thousand dollars for her “Special Bargains”. They are “Special” all right. “Special Ed”.

So what does Ms Murphy REALLY think of URNA? Here’s a direct quote.

    “Could care less if I’m banned from your site. It’s only use, unless you’re looking for a hooker or some jerk admirer, was to get email addresses.”

She SO deserves business, don’t you think? Fortunately, she left both her eMail address AND her phone number in her SPAM. You can eMail her at or you can call her direct at (416) 878-4439. Be sure to contact her and let her know that you will be making your Dressed to Thrill arrangements ELSEWHERE. 🙂

Remember, or or any one of the other online travel planners, will ALWAYS be cheaper that a gutless spammer. Remember, all of these services let you make hotel and rental car arrangements as well.

Thank god we have such gracious people like Ms Murphy to help us make the decision about where NOT to send our business.