Monthly Update February 2016

After a 2 month hiatus, time for a monthly update.

There are a couple of topics to bring to URNA Nation:

First, we are back working on URNA 2.0 and even better, making real progress. Since we have been burned before, not making predictions on when done. Maybe in a few weeks, I will be able to post a link to the beta of the new site.

Next, for the “newbies”, to make your profile visible, you have to fill in about 50% of the blanks. It really is not hard, takes a couple of minutes. And for all of you have done that and your profile is not visible, add your zip code. We use the zip for the “find people nearby” feature, it’s part of the algorithm to make your profile visible.

For those who like stats, we went over 33.000 members this month. We have grown at around 500 new members a month. Always looking for ways to make the site more compelling and for ways to get the new members engaged, but really it is the people here who make it a good place.

And last, this seems to be a topic: what is appropriate to discuss in chat? For some of you, bet you did not know we have a “chat rules” , LOL. I could bore and go over, but the rules come down to being nice and respectful. We all have opinions, but as my mom says: once for information, second time for emphasis, the third time is nagging (or trying to pick a fight). Also, really hate that I even need to mention this: but no one needs a blow by blow of your past or future sexual encounters (no pun or innuendo intended, lol).

I really do appreciate all of the support. It has been almost a year since I took over. For some, likely seems much much longer. And for those, I will try to do better. For the rest, thank you for supporting