New York is tough town, so sometimes I would take on this character, Danny King, to negotiate

This Life Performance Artist Diane Torr moved from an aberdeen housing estate to new york where she taught drag king workshops. now she is doing a glasgay show IN tribute to her brother who died of aids in 1992

?I?m not a purist, but I think that in the process of getting older you realise what you need to do. When you get to middle age you better keep your body in shape because it ain?t going to happen of its own accord. I usually start my day by doing yoga for about 45 minutes while I listen to Ravi Shankar. It?s like a morning meditation and it sets me up for the day. Then I have a really healthy breakfast: muesli and flaxseeds and brazil nuts and organic fruit. I?ve always lived fairly healthily.

I started out in dance and you are so in touch with your body. If you have a late night and drink a lot, you?ve lost the day, so you learn that you can?t do that. It?s funny because I lived through the drug culture in New York and I don?t know why, but I was always very sensible. Maybe it saved my ass. I?ve been in all kinds of precarious situations. I?ve been a go-go dancer in New York and worked in places like Newark which is the armpit of America. I learned aikido to defend myself.