Out and About with Michelle Hart – Column 14

The Cult Of Personality

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Kingston chose the mouth of the Demerara River for the establishment of a town in 1781 when the colony was captured by the British, which was situated between Plantations Werk-en-rust and Vlissengen. Originally, the capital of the Demerara-Essequibo colony was located on Borselen Island in the Demerara River under the administration of the Dutch. It was the French who developed the town and made it their capital city when they captured the colony in 1782.

The French called the capital La Nouvelle Ville and established stringent regulations for private buildings in an attempt to guard against the dangers of flood and fire. Buildings were to have brick foundations, kitchens were to be tiled and set apart, and no thatch was to be used. Brickdam, the first paved road, which was built by the French, and was known then as Middle Dam. I would imagine that initially those governing the colony felt these were really good idea’s. Sometimes establishing rules are actually a good thing, however imposing them on an extremely unwilling populace tends to never work out very well. Amazingly enough there will always be people who will blindly follow along until it’s far to late.

Far away from Guyana though, and almost 200 years after King George renamed it; a very influential speaker would easily destroy the lives of thousands of people there. He would use his gift for speaking to woo those who would follow him, he would promise them everything and deliver to them only misery and death. He followed in the footsteps of other incredible speakers such as Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Lenin and Hitler. His oratory skills were invaluable for recruiting members into the Peoples Temple. Nearly a thousand people would make the decision to follow him to Guyana and end their lives willingly.

The mirror speaks, but the reflection lies. You don’t have to follow me, but only you can set me free. I’m selling the things you need to be, I’m the smiling face on your t.v. I will exploit you but you will still love me. I’ll tell you one and one makes three and you will believe me because I’m the cult of personality…..

James Warren “Jim” Jones was born in Indiana on May 13, 1931. In 1951, Jones became a member of the Communist Party USA, and began attending meetings and rallies in Indianapolis. Strangely enough; Black Liberation Theology, is very similar to the Communist doctrine and is largely based upon it’s principles. It’s where someone else you know spent nearly twenty years in diligent attendance. Jones founded the Peoples Temple in 1955 and by the mid-1970s, it constituted over a dozen locations in California including its headquarters in San Francisco. Jones gained notoriety with the move of the Temple’s headquarters to San Francisco, he ignored advice to keep a low profile; finding new outlets for his views on local radio and television programs. When the mayor and other commissioners asked Jones to curtail his public actions, Jones resisted and was wildly cheered at a meeting of the NAACP and the Urban League when he yelled for his audience to become more militant.

Have you ever wondered why “progressive” groups who always talk about “civil right’s” have constantly surrounded themselves and shown adoration for smooth talking killers? Isn’t it also interesting that the NAACP openly welcomed someone who would later murder hundreds of Africans? I wonder if that’s what they consider advancement? Maybe we should ask Louis Farrakhan, He spends an awful lot of time with Hugo Chavez.

Jones had first started building Jonestown in 1974 as a means to create both a “socialist paradise” and to establish Jonestown as the benevolent model communist community. In the summer of 1977, Jim Jones and several hundred Temple members moved to Guyana to escape building pressure from media investigations. Former Temple member Tim Carter stated that the reason for choosing Guyana was the Temple’s view of creeping fascism, the perception of dominance by multinational corporations on the government, and perceived racism in the U.S. government. I wonder where I’ve heard that before, Beuler… Beuler…? Ask Janeane Garofalo, she seems to share Carter’s beliefs. Carter said the Temple concluded that Guyana, a predominantly black, English-speaking socialist country, would afford black members of the Temple a peaceful place to live. Here we are over thirty years later and the perpetual victim class is still claiming they’re persecuted; Just ask Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton about it if you really feel the need to. Isn’t it just a little odd that some of the people who live here for the previous eight years have made the same exact claim’s Tim Carter did in the 70’s? Unfortunately NOW those claims actually do have some merit.

I’m selling the things you need to believe, I’m the smiling face on M.S.N.B.C. I will exploit you but you will still follow me. I’ll tell you one and one makes three and you will trust me because I’m the cult of personality…..

As always my delightful reader this is where I’ll tease you with just a small taste of what is contained in this latest bailout of your woeful life. Even though there is still a gargantuan TARP over the conclusion it may just enlighten you. It may even incite your rage, your anguish, and may reveal or possibly even highlight what you already know is true. Are you still currently unwilling to admit that truth yet? Don’t worry if you are, You will see it my way and become a disciple or face the consequences. Soon enough your willing devotion to me will make my impending betrayal that much easier.

I’m going to stir your emotions and perhaps give you pause, if only for a moment. My goal is always the same, I would love for you to be the most well informed and well prepared for whatever you chose to do in life. I regret to inform you though that someone else will be making those choices for you very soon. As you keenly peruse this foray of literary wonder, I only ask that you consider the outcome of whatever path you follow. As we sit here tonight sipping our mug’s of coco in relative calm and safety lets have a closer look at some of these “benevolent communist communities” which were also billed as “paradise” by a few other “great orators” in history. So curious reader shall we continue to delve into the jungle and see just where this road will lead us?

Mass operations of the NKVD targeted “national contingents” (foreign ethnicities), such as Poles, Ethnic Germans, Koreans, etc. A total of 350,000 were arrested and 247,157 were executed. Historians now estimate that nearly 700,000 people were executed during the course of that paradise, with the great mass of victims being “ordinary” Soviet citizens: workers, peasants, homemakers, teachers, priests, musicians, soldiers, pensioners, ballerinas, and beggars. Did you know that most historians agree that the death toll was about 50 million under Stalin. Communism sure is a delightfully grand idea so far huh?

How about Mao; the official estimate by Hu Yaobang in 1980 put the death toll at 20 million. Oh but wait let’s not forget Hitler…. How many people died because of his benevolence you ask? The total number of victims of The National Socialist Party’s genocidal policies, including Poles, Romani, Soviet POW’s, and the handicapped who apparently can’t bowl very well is generally agreed to be between 9 and 11 million. Many personality cults in history have been frequently measured and compared to his. I’m sure that the first few thousand “dissident’s” were rounded up and summarily executed because they deserved it…. or perhaps they were not fooled by these men. How often have you heard about progressives committing violence against non believers? Adolph never bowed to anyone.

In November of 2006 Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid the speaker of the house and senate majority leader respectively have controlled congress. Both are extremely Liberal Democrats and each has a majority in each legislative branch. Both have total control of which laws, bills, or spending authorizations will be voted on or sent to the president. This is not whimsy or negotiable. It’s an unchangeable, absolute, fact. Anyone who would claim otherwise is beyond ignorance and highlights their own utter lack of knowledge. Yet some still claim this is not true oddly enough. Those who read further will be bombarded with unwavering facts such as these. As always I will endeavor to be mildly amusing and not completely bereft of levity.

I’m selling the things you need to believe, I’m the smiling face on N.B.C. I will exploit you but you will still believe me. I’ll tell you one and one makes three and you will trust me because I’m the cult of personality…..

Since November of 2006, the stock market has lost half it’s value dropping from 14,066 to hovering around 8,000 points. Unemployment has gone from 5.6% in November of 2006 to nearly 10% currently in some states and the price of petrol has jumped so wildly, so often it’s terrifying. Several corporations have become insolvent and have been taken over by the government, which oddly enough began to happen just as it did in Germany when The National Socialists Party took control in the 30’s right before Hitler became the German chancellor. Currently the treasury department has decided to print more currency to monetize debt just like the Germans did. Deny it if you want and cling to the belief that it’s the “previous administration’s” mess but none of these thing’s started happening until Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over; did they?

Essentially this means that since 2006 any laws, taxes, or governmental decisions for action or inaction rest solely on the house and senate’s shoulders. Congress is the true culprit for most of the countries financial woe’s yet nay a crass word is ever directed their way. On April 15th that changed and look closely at the way it was covered by ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etal. Sexually laced innuendo, distortion of the obvious purpose, claims of “astroturfing”, claims of racism even though many of the people who spoke where non white like Katrina Pierson. Combative interviews by Susan Rosegen and others in the press. Vilifying the opposition was never done by the previous administration, Just ask Code Pink, ACORN, or Rachel Maddow, how often they were singled out for ridicule. Hillary Clinton even decried how patriotic dissent was previously yet she has been strangely silent regarding the Tea Party. Opponents of Mussolini were either exiled or murdered. Socialist leaders Giacomo Matteotti and Giovanni Amendola were both beaten to death by the fascists. A strict press censorship was enforced in which anti-fascist newspapers were either suppressed or their editors replaced by fascist supporters. Radio, films and the theatre were similarly controlled. Isn’t it curious that ONLY the progressives want to silence any opposition to their view. That’s no reason to abandon the crusade against the Marines recruiting center in Berkeley though. Considering the mess Pelosi and Reid have created, is it any wonder why their accomplices in the press have ignored and viciously harangued anyone who disagrees with them.

As is our custom in the United States for some 200 years the President sets the agenda and does his best to work with both houses of congress to achieve that agenda. Regardless of the Presidents personal philosophy, beliefs or desires he has no authority to allocate any funds, declare war, or even write laws. This is the sole domain of congress. Any debt’s the nation incurs is a direct result of what congress does. Congress even defined what torture was, and yet very few know that they authorised it’s use in 1994. What does this all of this mean to the constitutional layman? It means that the president tells congress what he would like to do and then congress usually ignores the citizenry to achieve those goals……OR NOT!

Yes dear reader the President has to follow congress, not the other way around. Ultimately though the President is in charge and has to accept responsibility for whatever happens weather it’s good or bad. The President always has the option to refuse to sign anything that is presented to him by congress. Currently taking over companies, quadrupling the national debt, singling out any policy opposition by citizens, and facilitating new tax increases on internet use are no problem though. Investigating previous administrations, and releasing Top Secret intelligence information to our enemies has never been done before either. I guess that’s not really very unusual considering the recent meetings with Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro or Hugo Chavez.

Congress writes the law, the president authorizes it; and when it fails congress is usually held totally unaccountable for it’s role in these actions. I realize those of you who are liberals, progressives, or whatever your calling yourselves these day will have tremendous difficulty understanding this.

Not to worry though DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has just published the latest list of whom they consider “dissident’s” and chances are you’re on it. According to Janet if you are a veteran, pro life, a gun owner, support immigration enforcement, are focused on the economy or the loss of U.S. jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors, home foreclosures, and a multitude of other things including any support for the constitution or state’s rights you are now included on the DHS list of “dissident’s” who may be a threat to America. I can definitely see the difference between a 9 year old “terrorist” holding a cardboard protest sign, and a “man caused disaster” that killed 3000 Americans in New York; Can’t you?

Look into my eyes, what do you see, the cult of personality; I know your anger, I know your dreams I’ll be everything you want to be. I’m the cult of personality…..

Jim Jones, Joseph Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, and Adolph Hitler all followed the same pattern; first they soothed the masses with their soaring and lofty speeches and endeared themselves to cheering crowds. Each spoke of the “crisis” that needed immediate action that only they could solve. Each had a very specific group that was to blame yet they were always the actual culprit. Each had their staff round up or vilify anyone who didn’t share their views about the paradise that was always just over the horizon, or was the light at the “end” of the tunnel. Oddly enough they are all “great speakers” who can deliver a well crafted speech to the masses. Hmmm… Who else shares these same qualities? Who else uses soaring rhetoric, has vilified certain citizens who disagree with him, used the government to take over businesses, and has a desire to take money from one group and give it to another, Hmmm…. It’s on the tip of my tongue. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about though don’t you…

I know, I know, It’s totally unfair to make such broad comparisons. RIGHT? How on earth could your sweet digital diva make such a claim? What would possess me to compare a certain political figure to these horrific tyrants. Well it’s rather easy if you have ever read a decent history book. I’m sure you’ll note that I haven’t mentioned the name of this certain political figure yet. The question really is…. How do you know of whom I’m speaking, and Why is it that without mentioning this person by name you are absolutely sure who it is? THAT… my insightful reader is what should terrify you the most.

So let’s review before we continue and your brain explodes. Great speaker; so long as his teleprompter is present, ordered his staff to vilify those who disagree with him, insults his country on foreign soil, and decided to take over several corporations… Authorized and funded a “civilian” security force as well funded as the Armed forces, wants to nationalize private companies by buying common stock so the taxpayers are responsible if they go bankrupt, and do this all with the help of the Treasury Department not congress? Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and only one other person has done all of these. Unfortunately, he can’t blame anyone else, or claim it isn’t his fault, like this certain political figure known only for his oratory has done in nearly every press conference. Most Liberals in America for the previous eight years have made these allegations, yet NOW these people are strangely quiet when it’s actually happening; the similarity is glaring at you like hot pink lip gloss my dear. I know it’s hard to believe but some of us are actually not very impressed by someone who has to read a teleprompter to deliver a speech, the Tea Parties proved that.

Guyana became internationally notorious in November of 1978, when 918 people died in Jonestown and on a nearby airstrip in Georgetown itself, Guyana’s capital. The name of the settlement became synonymous for the incidents at those locations. To the extent the actions in Jonestown were viewed as a mass suicide, it is the largest such event in modern history and resulted in the largest single loss of American civilian life in a non-natural disaster until the events of September 11, 2001. Peoples Temple aides had prepared a metal vat with Flavor Aid, poisoned with Valium, chloral hydrate, cyanide, and Phenergan which was willingly consumed by every member that afternoon.

Jim Jones, Joseph Stalin, Mao, Benito Mussolini, and Adolph Hitler all had a lot is common. Each believed in spreading wealth, large central governments, Vilifying opposition, and Marxist, Socialist, or Communist ideology. Each one had a messianic complex and were deified by their supporters. Just look at how this certain political figure is portrayed in the media currently, he also loves to be in front of huge screaming crowds basking in their adulation. Jones also promised “change”, “hope” and a “new foundation” and 918 people died to add him to this select club.

In November of 2008 the newest cult of personality convinced 69,492,376 people to vote for him. Many believed he was their salvation, their messiah, or their savior, as they listened in awe of his speeches. Oddly enough neither of them ever talked about how fantastic and wonderful this country is, both decried it’s failures, and it’s faults. They apologized and never showed pride in this great nation or the principles it was founded on. Just ask yourself when the last time you heard a progressive speaker extol the virtues of this country and not Che Guevara.

Don’t you just wish you lived in some of those wonderful utopian paradises that were created by all these fantastic orators, and they didn’t even need a teleprompter to do it?

Love me because I’m the cult of personality…..

Sounds just yummy, huh??

Welcome to Jonestown my loyal readers, are you ready to join me here in the peoples temple and worship with me as we pray to our benevolent savior as he creates a grand paradise for us all to live in?

I didn’t think so….

With love,

Michelle Hart

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