Slice of heaven: One surgeons duty to beauty

“In my eyes, they are not human beings, but materials. Everyday I make sculptures with blood and flesh.”

Meet Chen Huanran, a plastic surgeon who is in such high demand that he has formulated his own test to weed out which clients he doesn’t want to operate on.

For anxious beauty seekers, from teenage girls to middle-aged women, getting doctor Chen’s permission for surgery is an arduous process.

From a Monday morning consultation where he examines 20 women, only a few patients will qualify to go under Chen’s knife. Getting your dream nose is not simply a matter of making an appointment.

And Chen is the first to admit that we have entered “a crazy age of plastic surgery”.

“The media is crazy, publicizing plastic surgery so much. The capital is crazy, investing heavily in the business for its huge profits. The doctors are crazy, dermatologists, orthopedists, or even veterinarians now want to be plastic surgeons. The beauty seekers are crazy. They don’t know that many of them will become victims,” Chen said.