South of the border – By Gwendolyn Ann Smith

It was recently announced that David Sanchez Camacho, a congressperson in Mexico, intends to submit a bill allowing for constitutional protections for transgender people. His bill would add gender identity and gender expression to their constitutions’ Article Four. This article currently covers equal fights of men and women, as well as the rights of families and children within Mexico.

This is a dramatic moment, one where I find myself having a hard time holding back on cliche-laden words like “historic.” This is a politician representing a party controlling one quarter of the seats in the Mexican congress actually championing the struggle to get constitutional protections for transgender people. A man who is not shying away from clear, concise language designed specifically to protect transgender rights.

I’m happy and hopeful for those transfolks living in Mexico who may indeed find themselves enjoying full rights thanks to the work of Congressperson Sanchez Camacho. At the same time, this highlights just how far behind those of us in the United States of America are when it comes to transgender rights.

Imagine a member of the U.S. congress actually announcing such a bold move. It is impossible, even laughable, to imagine such. It seems like so much folly.