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Stu Rasmussen Obituary at Unger Funeral Chapel

Remembering Stu Rasmussen September 9, 1948 – November 17, 2021

URNotAlone Remembers Stu Rasmussen who died on November 17th, 2021 at 73 years of age due to metastatic prostate cancer. Stu used both male and female pronouns. We will use female pronouns in support of her female gender expression but we acknowledge she gladly accepted male pronoun usage. Stu is survived by her partner of 47 years, Victoria Sage, who said that Stu “went bravely into the unknown on his own terms.”

Stu became known worldwide as the first openly transgender mayor in America when she was elected in 2008. She was first elected mayor of Silverton in 1998 before she came out as transgender and again in 2008 when she ran openly as transgender. She held the position of mayor until 2014.

Westboro Baptist Church and the Counter-Protest

Following reelection in 2008, Westboro Baptist Church showed up with their hateful signs but Stu was beloved in the community. Stu Rasmussen supporters showed up to counter-protest, many of them wearing dresses to show their solidarity. The counter-protesters included local religious leaders and Stu’s mayoral election opponent.

Stu’s story was told in news outlets around the world. A live theater production “Stu for Silverton” was staged in Seattle and Minneapolis. Her story was carried by numerous LGBTQ+ organizations including URNotAlone, Transgender Tapestry, TGGuide, The Advocate and many more.

Stu Rasmussen’s Service to Silverton, Oregon

Stu was unapologetically authentic and most in her small town respected her. She served a total of 26 years of service in various positions serving the community of Silverton. Stu once said, “Silverton is where my heart is and I like to think that I’m in Silverton’s heart somewhere.”

Memorial services for Stu are to be determined, sometime in January 2022.

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