TG Plus Party At Randolph Country Club

Hello Everyone, Join us Saturday night, June 9th, 9:00pm at a gathering for the transgendered Community, friends and supporters at the Randolph Country Club located in Randolph, Ma. The Club, a TG friendly place, offers a secure, diverse enviroment with mixed company in which to enjoy association with others of like interest. In short it’s a fun place.

The Club is supported by members of Friends of Randolph Country Club,, a nice group of people, who like to get together and enjoy an evening out. The group is also open to new members.

For directions click this link: Randolph Country Club URNA Places Listing.

Dining , Shopping and Accommodation’s can be found near by. A good nights rest can be had at the Stoughton Marriott Courtyard Hotel, also a TG friendly place. I have stayed there myself.

Hope to see all of you there. Valerie, a member of FoRCC.