Crisis of Conscience: Transsexual writer is the brave one – sportsblog by jason notte

Much is made of bravery within the sporting world: The guts it takes to strike someone out in the ninth inning with the game on the line, the fortitude to go for it on fourth and inches, the raw instinct to floor it toward the finish line while running on fumes.

It?s all nothing. If anything should have been learned from the Jackie Robinson anniversary celebration a few weeks ago, it should have been that Robinson?s success is measured not in a head count of African-American players in the game today but in the willingness of others to demand equal treatment in the face of unrelenting vitriol and scrutiny.

Such may be the case for Christine Daniels, the Los Angeles Times sportswriter formerly known as Mike Penner. In a column written last week under her former name, the 49-year-old journalist came out as a ?transsexual sportswriter.? While the announcement received mostly positive reviews, Daniels? hardest task may lie ahead.