The Boundaries Issue: Michael Clyne – Michael Clyne

A Correspondence from Thailand

Bring up Thailand and someone invariably brings up underage male hustlers. Certainly there are hundreds of readily exploitable young lads, but there’s more to Thailand than just sexual tourism.

To shed some light on Thailand’s boundary testing – yet not quite breaking – sexuality, we asked gay American expat Michael Clyne (pictured in an artist’s rendition) to offer his take. Having lived there for the past year and a half, plus another lengthy stint a few years back, Clyne has a unique view of the country’s visible and mute gay communities. While it’s not unusual to see young boys dresses as woman, the country’s never experienced what Westerners call a “gay rights movement”. Rather, queerness has been subtly integrated into the national culture in some pretty astonishing ways.

Also, Clyne would like you all to know he’s not a ?Rice Queen ?Soy Chaser”, or a ?Sexpat”. He is, in fact, an equal opportunity slut.