The right man for the job is a woman – By Barbara J Robin

Steve Stanton trans bias case shows need for education among Largo city officials.

Sure it’s shocking. Some would say freakish: A man who wants to be a woman.

Or, in the words of Largo, Fla., City Commissioner Mary Gray Black, ?Causing distraction and work disruption.? Black was reacting to news that Largo City Manager Steve Stanton, who heretofore has had solid job performance reviews, was actively pursuing gender re-assignment surgery to eventually become Susan Stanton. Suddenly Stanton ostensibly becomes unfit to keep his $140,000 a year position.

In truth, city commissioners and others just need a bit of education, that?s all. Then they can work in concert with Steve and, ultimately, Susan.

What?s happening is that these officials lack an understanding of a psychiatric classification known as gender identity disorder. Those with GID, more commonly referred to as transgender, believe they were born into the wrong gender. Their goal is to reconcile the incongruence by becoming who they were born to be instead of ?adapting? to what will make society feel comfortable.