Transgender surgeon has close connection to patients – By Laura-Claire Corson

Trinidad, Colo. – Dr. Marci Bowers first tried making the transition from a male to female body when she was 19. Lacking the money and with little support from her family, she couldn?t complete the attempt.

Some 20 years later, with a strong support system in place, she fully transitioned in 1998.

Now Bowers performs the surgery herself, filling a void she once encountered as a teen by aiding transgender patients throughout the process.

As perhaps the only prominent transgender surgeon in the country – and one of only a handful of distinguished doctors who perform gender reassignment surgery – Bowers is a popular choice for patients looking to physically make the switch.

?(Being transgender) gives some people the perception that I have more sympathy and understanding,? said Bowers, now 49. ?I do. I want to do a better job – it?s important.?