Theater Preview: Play hits Home, examines gender, religion and family – Naomi Bryant

Safe Colleges Conference brings Queer Soup’s drama on transgender identity to Hotung

This Saturday, an original and unorthodox show will call Hotung Caf? “Home.” As a part of Safe Colleges Conference, “Home” will examine gender, religion and family.

The play is the brainchild of Queer Soup, a group of queer artists who collaborate to create entertaining shows with relevant messages. The play got its start during the group’s usual night of round-robin writing. From there, it grew into a production which has toured at length around the Northeast. Queer Soup has never before strayed from the realm of over-the-top comedy into that of dramatic theater.

“‘Home’ was sort of a journey into drama and a collaborative challenge to work into that genre,” lead playwright Jess Martin said.