Theater Review: Gypsy Productions’ 3 Guys in Drag Selling Their Stuff at The Crown Theater… – by Susan Zelenka

I didn’t tell my husband where we were going. I really should have after suggesting he wear his pink polo shirt. It’s a stereotype, I know, but I couldn’t resist. I’m not saying he voted for McCain, but I’m pretty sure he voted for Reagan. Twice. I called earlier in the day and asked “Hey, babe, wanna go see a play tonight?” Rhetorical question; the answer is and must always be “Sure.”

3 Guys in Drag Selling Their Stuff: The name alone is enough to get me in the door. The bar in the Crown Theater with half-price drinks ensures that we will stay through intermission. Never been to Club Nautico, never knew there was a theater in the back room, never knew there was a back room. Gypsy Productions can be counted on to bring fun, campy, sometimes poignant shows to Tampa Bay audiences and they rarely make me feel like I wasted an evening. 3 Guys… was no exception. It may not change your life but it may make you change your red muumuu.