Tracilyn is Playfully Purple in Dayton, OH

Tracilyn Transgender Recording Artist

Tracilyn is a Transgender Female Recording Artist residing in Dayton, Ohio. Since arriving in 2010, she has been working on a song project she calls the, “50 Song Project”. This includes two studio albums titled, “Playfully Purple” and “Dayton, OH, USA”. Throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014, the 50 songs were originally released as a solo acoustic project on Youtube, along with her life story, cover songs, street performances and showcases in venues.

Tracilyn has posted her songs on various social media websites including YouTube which is linked below. She also modeled in a few videos and made a few comedy clips. Occasionally, there may be more modeling and funny clips, but for now, her biggest passion is to remain committed to her music and music videos.

While dealing with personal matters, opportunities to do live solo performances have been presented, however, Tracilyn declined for now. Her heart’s desire is to perform in venues to her liking, along with musicians and stage performers, who appreciate her and her music. For various reasons, detailed circumstances are of great importance. Meanwhile, Tracilyn is contemplating relocation and desires to network with others who are serious-minded about music and are, of course, LGBTQ Friendly.

Visit for to Currently, music videos are still in the making, along with occasional video blog updates. Tracilyn has plans for more studio albums and songs that will include her remaining 50 Song Project. As well, her life story has been reposted at: Tracylyn’s YouTube Channel.

Tracilyn Trans Recording Artist on YouTube