Metaphorphosis Fantalities – Who is the Fairest of them All?

“Who is the Fairest of them All?”

In my personal journey, URNA has been a one of a kind resource for me in gaining personal support as well as a confidence building tool. I have been fortunate to have so many people to share with me their experiences and insight into this strange but wonderful life. We all know what it is like to spend an evening taking a hundred photographs to only find very few that capture the essence of the woman living inside. For me even the best picture still lacked the appeal to me as it did not bring “her” to life. Using my resources I have found a way that I could add another dimension both for personal reflection and to share with my friends who I really am. Having been my own test subject I have refined my skills and now would like to offer them to you.

I do not like the standards for beauty in our society. The word flaw has been used so loosely that people often confuse the qualities that make them unique as flaws. In my lifelong battle with depression I found a mechanism for helping me to see that not only is there one me but the reason I am here is because the world needs me for some reason or another. I used to put it all down on paper, anything and everything that is good about me and read it to myself in order to lift my spirits. With that I have discovered my passion and my sense of purpose. I’d like to take flight to my aspirations starting with this community, to reinforce that you are not alone and to reassure that you are beautiful.

Perhaps you have that perfect photo only for one of your cats or some other obstruction to steal the limelight. From minor blemishes to the entire background of your photo I can sharply refine these details to bring the focus back to your beauty where it belongs. Your recycle bin folder was not meant for pictures capturing your glamour. Let me offer to intervene by making what would be your “throwaway” images into your new profile pic or featured photos. You didn’t spend the evening being being your beautiful self for just one lucky click of the camera.

Well let’s say we have a dozen or so pictures that you are proud of. These pictures need contrast they need to be complimented by something more personal. Perhaps given a theme that displays your personality and your interests. Among many possible amenities my personal favorite way to add that extra dimension is by using a song that is both soothing to your soul as well as a testament to your personality. Show yourself and the rest of the world that she is real, one of a kind, and full of life!

So what is the first step? It’s actually much more simple than you think. You don’t have to be tech savvy or artistic. I have an eye for film making and art. All you have to do is know yourself. Consult with me, tell me what you like, describe what makes you the unique person that you are and I will do the rest. After your presentation is complete I can offer you advice on resources to display the reflection of that glamour you never thought you would see. I am not offering a use of templates or trying to make clockwork of such projects. Each project I do will start from scratch and will be revised over and over until we know that we got it “just right”. My question to you is simple…Did you know that you are beautiful?