Transgendered student, school spar over name – By Alison Hewitt Staff Writer

Pomona – Cal Poly Pomona graduate student Olympia Tveter is busy getting everything in order for her expected graduation in a couple of months – going to classes, finishing her thesis, and making sure her diploma bears the correct name and gender.

For Tveter, getting her diploma right is unusually difficult.

Olympia enrolled as Jared, but has since transitioned to living full-time as a female. Her dress, speech and walk are feminine. Her credit card, bank account, and student loan are in her new name, and she checks the box marked “F” on forms asking her sex.

But Cal Poly Pomona isn’t ready to see her that way without a court order or government-issued identification, a university official said.

It’s just one of the many challenges Tveter faces as a result of her transition. Anecdotal evidence shows she is one of a growing number of people who are going public with their decision.