Transsexual gets Courts blessing to marry

A 25 year-old transsexual was granted the right to marry by the Civil Court of Malta, enabling other transsexuals the right to civil marriage.

The landmark ruling was handed down by Judge Gino Camilleri who on Monday declared that the marriage contract between the 25-year old male-to-female transsexual and her male partner is not in breach of Chapter 255 of the Laws of Malta.

The judge also said that the legal partnership between the couple does not undermine the rule of law because it is a marriage between two persons of different sexes.

Sex reassignment surgery

The transsexual undergone a sex-change operation known as ?sex reassignment surgery? a few years ago. The surgery changed the person?s sex from male to female, permanently.

She then filed a law suit to get her new sexual orientation and new her new name recognised by the sate and to use it on her identity card and birth certificate. She was granted her claim in June 2006.