URNA Presents Our New Content Section: ModelTS!

URNA is very pleased to announce it’s new Adult Content section, ModelTS! That’s right, we have added our very own Adult photos and videos. Not only that, but a ModelTS membership Automatically gives you access to our Adult Member Galleries (still available seperately).

ModelTS already has thousands of Adult photos and videos, featuring some of the sexiest TGirls anywhere. Combine this with the thousands of photos that URNA members post, and you have one of the largest TGirls sites on the Internet, bar none.

A lot of you are asking: “So why did you do this?” There are a number of answers to that, so bear with us for a moment.

First, and foremost, ModelTS was created by our beloved founder, Jon. How many people can say that they created two of the most popular TGirl sites on the Internet? Over the last few years, URNA has grown so rapidly and so fast, that the expense generated by hosting this site has climbed steadily upward. Rather than footing the bill for two successful sites, we decided to merge two great sites together. Merging the sites helps keep costs down and helps us to optimize our services. We want to keep the great services on URNA Free, and ModelTS will help us do this!

Our models aren’t just anonymous trannies on the web. Our models are real life Girls (Trannies, Shemales, Drag Queens and Transvesties), all over the country, many even model professionally, run their own sites, or provide companionship services. What better way to help girls in the community promote themselves, then by having them post on URNA? We don’t want to force ModelTS down anyone’s throat. That’s why we have integrated it with the existing site in the manner that we have. Let’s face it, there are many people here who ARE looking for Adult Content, so we are just catering to them, hopefully without compromising our existing great services.

We feel that URNA is uniquely positioned to not only be a great community site, but to actually help the community through resources, charity and so much more. Dan (our webmaster) is even quitting his day job to run things full-time, and we have new Web Admins (Scarlett and Josie) lending a helping hand with the Administrative duties.

The staff here at URNA is constantly evalutating our audiences to try to provide the best possible services to our members and guests. We’ve been around since 1995, and we’ve only grown bigger and more popular since then. We want to be YOUR resource on the Internet, and we are committed to that goal. URNA’s main mission is to provide a safe, friendly place on the internet for Transgendered people, their families, friends and admirers to find others like themselves.

Like the man says. You Are Not Alone.