URNA Staff 2007-04-01 00:00:00

Our March Member of the Month for 2007 is in. March’s award goes to Jamie Dailey!

Congratulations Jamie!

Additionally this month, we are awarding the member who cast the most votes. March’s winnder is Rachel Smith.

We will be contacting Jamie and Rachel shortly to set them up their free URNA Plus Memberships. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

When we reset the votes, there were 42,619 votes in the system. We have listed the final tabulation of the top members with more than 50 votes below for your convenience.

User Rating Votes
Jamie Dailey 9.817 251
Ashley Stevens 9.793 58
Aubrey Lynn Frost 9.768 69
Katie Valletta 9.760 50
Miss Karine 9.760 50
Polly Andersen 9.755 53
Aleli Morales 9.747 75
Jeannie Fontaine 9.745 51
Jenna Elizabeth T… 9.740 181
Sandi 9.737 57