No Virgins Lie Here: Butchlalis Rock the House with Panty Splash Hour

The gender-bending, genre-melding performance art of the Butchlalis de Panochtitlan is hard to define but fun and captivatingly funny to watch. This foursome of queer butch Latinas uses video and sketch-driven performances to explore sex, sexuality, race, romance, community, identity and growing up brown and butch in greater L.A.

If that description makes you cringe because (like me) you’ve sat through a few too many evenings of performance art that’s so pretentious and preachy you?ve considered chewing off your own limbs to escape, the BdP is the exuberant antidote. “We’re trying to create characters that speak to our different experiences as brown butches. We try to see ourselves in a way that’s true and funny and relevant and experimental and not preachy,” says Raquel Gutierrez, one of the ensemble’s co-founders.

On Saturday night the Butchlalis will be rocking a show they’ve dubbed The Panty Splash Hour, which is part of the Aqui No Hay Virgenes exhibit showcasing the work of queer Latina artists. The event is (I think) loosely affiliated with WACK!, the retrospective of feminist art that’s on view at MOCA until July 16.