Wannabe woman aided by transsex beauty

ChinaDaily.com – By Li Qian

A 24-year-old male Chinese, determined to become a woman, got financial support Sunday from South Korean transsexual entertainer Ha Ri-su to finance his gender alteration surgery, Qilu Evening News reported Monday.

Zhang Lei, a native of northeast China’s Jilin Province, has reportedly been suffering from a gender identity disorder since he was very young. He was born with the Hypospadias disease, which annoyed him of being a boy.

Zhang grew up playing girls’ games with three elder sisters living nearby in his home village while his father labored in the city all year long.

He felt himself like a girl in school, playing around with girls, but got derided by boys as a girly man. He wished to have a girlfriend as other boys did, but “didn’t know whom to turn to” and “just couldn’t talk about love with girls,” he said, weeping.