We’ve Been Bought! APRIL FOOLS

{Fortunately, only a few of you fell for our badly edited photo and sleazy news article. The more astute of you noticed that date.}

In what has been something of a whirlwind week, Jon and Dan (who flew in from Ohio) have finally inked a contract with an anonymous purchaser and beginning May 1st, URNotAlone will officially be under new management.

In Jon’s own words. “I never thought about anyone actually having the capital to buy our site, its very busy and popular, and it just doesn’t have the profit margins to be attractive to most buyers. When the buyer offered us ten times what we were going to ask, I had to fly Dan out for a couple of days of pretty intense negotiation.”

In what they now refer to as “the deal of a lifetime”, Jon and Dan are both unusually tight lipped about the details, but both claim to remain confident that the new owner will be just as fair and even handed as past owners.

“If anything,” added Dan, “The new requirement that girls cover their faces, might just increase the Profiles Listings a bit”

When asked what they were doing now, Dan and Jon smiled pleasantly and mumbled something about a night club in South Beach and lots of time doing nothing.

Comments from the new ownership have not been forthcoming, but it seems evident that Spring is in the air and huge changes are afoot! Congratulations to Dan and Jon and welcome to our new owner. Sh.. er, um.. Mo… uh, let’s just call him “the New Guy” for a while.

April Fools:-)