Countessa’s Closet Modeling Opportunities

Hi ladies. Countessa’s Closet is looking for TG Ladies to model for our new winter catalog. We need many plus sizes also and we would also like some TG Ladies over 35 and up to 68. Please take a look at our site and you will see our truly believeable look and style as all models on our site are Transgendered. If you wish to model for us, please send only two pics, in an email or snail mail.facial pic and full body, No nudes or risque pics will be considered. Please send all pics to: We design for the Tg woman. Offer all at wholesale prices and we never use professional models, in this way, many may have dreams come true of being a model on one of the top four web sites and catalogs on the internet. If you wish to know more about Countessa and why her dedication to and for the TG communities, Please read her bio at Countessa’s Bio.

We do not offer or sell porn or things of that nature we offer upscale and lovely fashionable clothing designed for todays beautiful TG Woman, WE carry sizes from small up to 6X in the plus sizes designed exclusively for the TG Woman. Countessa’s Closet is Upscale, High Fashion, Trendy and also offers the finest in day wear and evening wear. Countessa will work with all TG Models directly and will help you with all that is needed for a most lovely and Truly believeable look and style. You will also recieve many FREE pictures of your photo shoot and As Countessa is a past professional petite model you will be trained by her personally in all photo shoots. Countessa is very dedicated to the beauty and the dignity that is within our TG Communities. Three documentaries have been done on Countessa and her work and her TG world, They have been filmed by Bravo, the Independent Film Channel and UCLA. They will soon be out and show the world the dignity and the beauty as well as the intelligence that is within the TG Communities. These films will educate and help to open doors to and for the TG Communities.

If you wish to be in our next documentary please contact us for this. We do not use any professional models on our site. Only those that are in the TG Community and wish to have a dream come true of being a model on the world famous highly respected Countessa’s Closet Site. Our makeovers are rated the best in the industry and are known for being the most “Truly believeable”.

Please take a look at our site, We offer dignity, beauty, Total femininity and of course All our models are our sisters and friends from within the Tg communities.

Countessa’s Closet is the Number one Fashion designer to and for the TG Communities. If you wish to model for us. We would appreciate TG Ladies between 35 and 65 years of age. In fact even older is great for us also. We know TG Women are in all sizes and shapes and ages and wish to show the world the true beauty of all in the TG Community. We need models in sizes 14, and up and also we have a great line in the Plus sizes and would also wish you to model for this if you are in the lovely Plus size. We carry up to sizes 6X in the lovely new plus sizes in clothing, lingerie and also shoes in sizes up to 17www.

Please send two pictures . NO NUDES or risque pics will be viewed. One pic of your face and one of your full body. No links can be viewed as we just don’t seem to have time to look at all the links sent to us. So sorry.

Please send all pics to: If you have modeled for a company before or are a professional model, Please note we are only using TG Amateur models or those that have never modeled before. We show a true and natural look and style and don’t go into the drag or heavily made up look for our models. We are well known all over the world for Countessa’s “Truly believeable look and style”. All TG Models will recieve a most lovely thank you gift from Countessa if you should be chosen to model on our site. One of the designs from Countessa’s Closet private label and collection. All designed by Countessa and all our designs are made right here in the USA. We are a company that does promote and support our wonderful UNITED STATES in all we do and are.. All our merchandise is made right here in the USA.

We hope to hear from you all and we are going to be doing a test shoot next week and the following three weeks after. WE are also having a colossal wig sale and will need many models for our wig line as well as our Tg sized to fit shoe line and clothing line.
Don’t be shy, you will be amazed at how much fun modeling can be and it will also get you seen all over the world. We never use any other info other than your fem name in any adverts, on our site or in any media. Please be in our area in california for photo shoots. we can work around your work schedule.

Please contact Countessa’s Closet soon!

Love to all
your designing sis,
Countessa’s Closet

Phone: 818 763 9806

Countessa is in to interview models Tues thru Sat after two thirty pm. Please call for a modeling test shoot. You will recieve many of the test shoot pics and they are FREE to you. No charge for test shoot pics. We also offer you all the test shoot pics if you wish them. Absolutely FREE of charge.