Health club harasses transwoman – Ethan Jacobs

Told to use either daycare bathroom for children or men?s room

Natasha Lee West, a transgender woman, was a member of the Bally Total Fitness club in Worcester for one year in what she calls ?male mode? before deciding to take the step to present herself as female at the gym last June. For the past three years she has lived as female everywhere except for on the job and at the gym, but after finalizing her name change, getting breast implants and getting a new driver?s license with her female name and photo, she decided the time was right to live as female full time. West said when she first told the management at the gym in June that she was going to be living full time as female, manager Dale Stoddard seemed supportive. She showed Stoddard the document approving her name change from her birth name to Natasha as well as her new license.

?I presented this information to them and they didn?t seem to have a problem with it,? said West.