Minas Madonna


Cursed: Drag queen Mina Mercury is confident the curse that plagued her last staging of Madonna’s hit number will lift in time for her first solo mini-concert, Feb 1. (Nicholas Jang photo)
Mina Mercury is hoping to shake her Future Lovers curse before the curtain goes up Feb 1.

The last time she performed her fave Madonna song du jour, at Celebrities’ Madonnathon Nov 29, Vancouver was blanketed under a blizzard, the fire alarm went off at the worst possible moment, and the two-metre disco ball she’d spent weeks constructing crashed to the floor just hours before the performance was set to begin.

“That show was cursed!” laughs Mercury, who generally goes by her boy name, Jaysen Bradstock, and works in customer relations when she’s not strutting across stage with a riding crop. “It was just one thing after another…”

One thing after another it may have been, but it was also mesmerizing.