Review of Some Men – by Kenyon Farrow

The most powerful scene in the play takes place on the night of Stonewall, but not with the poor drag queens, people of color and transgender folks who launched the days-long riot in the summer of ’69. The beautifully written scene takes place in a nearby bar with a group of show tune-singing queens who are laughing it up and bemoaning the loss of Judy Garland as the riot outside begins to unfold. In walks Roxie, a drag queen flawlessly played by David Greenspan, who is as unwelcome in this snooty group as the other queens are outside.

Roxie forces her way into the joint and forces these queens to deal with the reality of life for those not inside the rainbow when she delivers a stunningly simple version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” If you’ve never really thought about the words of this song before, you will never hear it the same way again after Roxie sings it.