Trannies can rest easy now – By Owen Moritz – Daily News Staff Writer

Store in human rights deal over loos & fitting rooms

An agreement allowing transgenders free access to Loehmann’s fitting rooms and rest rooms was announced yesterday by a human rights fund and the apparel chain.

“If an individual is expressing themselves as a woman by outward appearance, including dress, and that individual would like to use the women’s bathroom or dressing room, the individual may use such women’s facilities,” the chain told employees in a memo.

Similar policies for use of men’s facilities apply to “individual expressing themselves as a man by outward appearance, including dress,” the chain said.

The agreement, negotiated by the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, grew out of an April 30, 2006, complaint from a transgender, Jane Galla, that managers at Loehmann’s flagship store in Chelsea barred her from using the woman’s fitting room.