Transgender deceiver – By Joanne Herman

Former Largo, Fla., city manager Steve Stanton attended a conference at city expense and dressed as a woman for two seminars without telling the city. Was he deceiving the citizens of Largo or just being incredibly prudent?

The St. Petersburg Times reported that both Largo, Fla., city manager Steve Stanton, now out of a job, and Largo city commissioner Andy Guyette, one of the five who voted for Stanton?s dismissal, attended the same National League of Cities conference in March. The Times disclosed that Stanton attended at least two of the seminars dressed as Susan and that Guyette did not know about this at that time. Guyette was quoted as saying he was disturbed that Stanton “misrepresented himself on the city?s dime” and that this behavior was one reason he “no longer trusts Stanton to run Largo City Hall.”